Tantric massage bed, Sensual massage therapy


A path to ritual bliss

Tantric Massage is a fun safe way to explore sensual awareness.

While conventional massage relaxes the body, Tantric massage relaxes aspects of the body, mind and soul, creating feelings of inner peace, calm and earthly abandonment.

The therapeutic benefits of Tantric Massage include overcoming trauma, premature ejaculation, frigidity, inability to orgasm and satisfying our natural desire to be loved, touched and appreciated.

During a Tantric Massage the mind becomes calm and able to focus on subtle energies and vibrations within the body, leading to expanded states of conscious awareness, profound feelings of sensual arousal and a wide range of positive feelings and emotions.

My Tantric Massage often creates shuddering, convulsing and tingling. It is usually a very intense experience and can ultimately lead to full body orgasm.

As a result of Tantric Massage the mind is quieter, allowing us to be fully present in our bodies, to enjoy life and the entirety of each present moment.

Our resident Dakini provides genuine Tantric Massage only. She does not allow herself to be touched during sessions. No sex or sexual services. 


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